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Screen-capture tool that also records video and audio

Screen-capture tool that also records video and audio

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Program license: Free

Program by: Ohsoft

Version: 520

Works under: Windows


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Capturing and recording a computer screen couldn't be easier with oCam. Simple and straightforward controls ensure this program doesn't confuse or infuriate its users. Plus, the actual recording software itself performs almost flawlessly. Dozens of video recording software are available on the market today. Most of these solutions cost a lot of money, and the free options tend to feature too many shortcomings. However, oCam breaks the mold by offering a lightweight program that works quite well.

What oCam Brings To The Table And Does Right

Users won't feel overwhelmed when they launch oCam for the first time. Only a handful of buttons adorn the top of the program window. The remaining area is a blank white space that's filled with capture data after starting a capture. By clicking on a given button, a user is given more menu options. This particular layout is quite simple and makes it a breeze to learn the ins and outs of the program.

When a user begins a capture, they'll see their current screen contents appear in the capture window. Fortunately, oCam includes features to resize elements of the capture and perform a couple of other basic editing actions. Hitting the Stop button will end the capture and prompt the user to save the file. Few setups operate on such a simple level, and oCam captures high quality content with every recording.

Finished captures cannot be edited within oCam, though. The program doesn't advertise itself as an editing suite, so this makes complete sense. Also, it's advertised as a personal use program, so commercial users are out of luck here. Anyone with advanced capture needs won't want to utilize oCam due to its simplicity. Perhaps the program could have benefited from a few more advanced features.

The Final Verdict on oCam

In the end, oCam is one of the best capture and record solutions on the planet. The program is too simple and lightweight to fail. Such simplicity also means the program is designed for beginners rather than experts in screen capturing. For example, students and streamers might love what oCam offers. On the other hand, video recording experts and editors will obviously need something more substantial to do their work.

Developers behind oCam decided to make the world's most simple capture and recording program on the planet. Without a doubt, they succeeded on that front. The program was never designed to accommodate more advanced users, though. An individual would need a separate editing program in order to make oCam a viable solution for themselves. For beginners or those with simple needs, this program is easy to recommend and rave about.


  • For personal use, the program is 100% free.
  • Simple controls and options keep everything simple and straightforward.
  • Support for the most popular audio and video codecs is available.


  • Simplicity means advanced editing features are non-existent here.
  • Program is not designed for commercial use.
  • It's not the most attractive program ever designed.

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